The reason for why is exercise important

Human body is made of organs, muscles, skin and blood all those organs work according to the instructions given by our brain and thus by acting according to the instruction our body becomes complete working system. Our brain gives instructions only to our organs and not to our entire body so if our body performs the action only given by the brain then we can’t lead a happy life. Our body is a slave and we are the master’s of it so one has the responsibility to master their body perfectly. Our brain tells us all the responsive activities of our body such as touching, paining, appetite and disturbance etc. so we can take measures according to the responses but our brain doesn’t tell that we need exercise or body movement so we have to take charge of our body and make it healthier and stronger.

The food we eat should contain all the necessary nutrients needed for the body and those nutrients are carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals etc. all those nutrients should contain in equal proportions and if the rate of any nutrients gets higher or lower it result in diseases. Today people are not maintaining a balanced diet and because of that they are suffering from the major life threatening diseases like obesity. Today more than twenty five percentage of world’s population is obese the reason for this weighty issue is food. The culture of food habits differs day by day and that will affect people largely nowadays people are attracted towards fast foods those foods contain high amount of fat and sodium in it and both are linked to dangerous diseases like heart attack and blood pressure. So to maintain normal weight one has to avoid such food and perform exercise every day, these information states that why is exercise important for our body?

How to maintain idle weight?

Our body mass index is differentiated into slim, idle, overweight and obesity the people under the category of overweight and obesity should take care of their body. The BMI is calculated according to the height and weight of our body if our body’s weight is mutually dependent on the height then we are maintaining a proper weight. The only way to maintain normal weight is by practicing exercise and by taking good balanced diet. The exercise can be performed easily in our home, park and in gym those places are known for its calmness so that we can easily lose our calories with it.



What types of exercises are there?

Gyms have plenty of exercise machines that are known to improve muscle mass and helps in spreading the stored fat throughout the body. People who want to build their body and to look slim and sleek can choose weight training exercises like running in treadmill, lifting weights, muscle training exercise etc. dancing and aerobic exercises are highly useful for the female weight reducers this type of exercise can help us to reduce weight easily without taking much effort.  Why exercise is important is because we can refresh our body, skin and muscles and give them good health.


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