Precaution for physical and mental diseases

Nowadays due to the robotic life and hectic schedule people are affected by a mental disorder called “stress” this mental disorder can be rectified by a medicine known as exercise, for those who ask why is exercise important this article will give you some guidelines and remedies for it. Exercise is a precaution for some of the physical and mental disorders. 30 minutes of exercise will postpone the death to 5 years and will help to lead a happy and fun filled life. Due to lack of exercise a person is affected with some of the hereditary diseases which are harmful for their future generation.  Exercising is healthy way to reduce excess weight and it is also a healthy way to prevent some of the common diseases. The most common disease due to lack of  exercise is Diabetes, it is most common among people now even children is also porn to this type of disease due to their change in life style.

Exercise does not needs a gym to be designed at home it’s just making some physical activities apart from the day to day life activities. Exercising every day not only good for health it also gives us a pleasant feel apart from the health equations and also it boosts the energy. People who are having sleep disorders can have a better improvement by doing exercise and it also increases stamina which is the main deficiency in children. The habit of exercise should be induced at the young age so that people can able to avoid work tension, stress, mental disorders etc. it makes a balanced life with disease free environment why because exercising benefits every part of the body including the mind.

Aerobic exercise is one of the newest exercises which strengthens heart muscles and delivers an appropriate amount of oxygen to the parts of the body. Swimming, basket ball, hockey are some of the aerobic exercise for the people in the field of sports, other form of aerobic exercise is that bike riding, waking quickly, tennis, running. Exercising everyday will keep you active and concentrated throughout the day even if you have not slept properly the last night. Heart functioning will be maintained due to regular practice of exercise and blood pressure will be normal. People who do not find time for exercise can use stair case while climbing instead of lifts, can go for a walk for a nearby store, and can play with their children or neighborhood children at least at the weekends.

The most common reason for heart attacks, strokes, diabetes disease is due to change in their life style due to the emergence of technology. Technologies are designed in such a way to reduce the time of the people and to add some exceptions for our life. Making use of technology all the time will not work out, for maintaining a healthier physical and mental environment. Exercise is the only relief for today’s youngsters to keep their mind relaxed from the work tension and to prevent some dangerous disease. A good work out and healthy food style will add up years for lives.


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